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7 Best Things You Didn’t Know About the Nutcracker Ballet



Did you know that Nutcracker ballet makes festive season more interesting and exciting?

The Nutcracker is more than merely adding joy into your festive holidays. Not most people know how The Nutcracker started or its origin. These things are known to only a few. The following are seven facts that you did not know about The Nutcracker Ballet.

  •  This was and still is a German folklore tradition and its purpose is for goodwill. For many Germans, the nutcrackers act as a form of protection against bad omen and often bring good luck to the families. These nutcrackers were given to children during festive season, particularly on Christmas day, and symbolised good will from those who offered them. The tradition is observed to date in Germany.
  •  The Nutcracker ballet all started from a story whose title was “The Nutcracker and the Mouse king.” The author of the book, E.T.A Hoffman wrote this story on a dark setting. Throughout the story, it describes a blood-spattered war that ensued between the Nutcracker and the Mouse King’s army. It ends with the prince defeated and being transformed into a nutcracker.
  •  The first performance of The Nutcracker in Russia that took place in 1892 did not end well because it received a number of negative criticisms. There followed what looked like there was no bright future for the ballet until it was rekindled by George Balanchine, who produced it in 1954 and restored its popularity. Towards the end of 1960, The Nutcracker proclaimed itself as the ballet of festive seasons.
  • When Nutcracker was first performed, children were given roles of starring as the Nutcracker Prince and Clara. This was later changed since Balanchine’s production. Adult dancers were given these roles to play in every performance that they made.
  • You probably were not aware that one of the best and most famous “The Nutcracker” music by Tchaikovsky was not the best to himself. He did not feel like it deserved the kind of reception, much more than his previous “Sleeping Beauty,” which he felt was much greater than the former. He loved the composition he did for “Sleeping Beauty” more than that of “The Nutcracker.”
  • Although Tchaikovsky had a different opinion towards his best composed song, he never lived to witness how “The Nutcracker “composition won the heart of many people. He died without the knowledge that even up to date, The Nutcracker production has had an outstanding impact on his audiences.
  •  Only a few people are aware that the unique twinkling instrument played in “The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” and produces a unique sound is a celesta. Additionally, almost none know that Tchaikovsky was the smuggler behind the piano, which he brought into Russia after coming back from Paris. The main reason for smuggling the piano was to add the unique sound that would complement the role of a character that played a part in the Sugar Plum Fairy.

The above seven things are new to many people and familiar to some.

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